Health Coaching for HIV

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Health coach HIV- One-to-one coaching

Being diagnosed with HIV can be an upsetting and stressful time. There is a lot of information to take on board, and this may feel extremely overwhelming and isolating at times.

Modern medicine has advanced in such a way that if you are diagnosed early and have access to antiretrovirals, you are able to live a normal and full life.

Having said that, as with any long-term illness, there are also things that you can implement to support you and the health of your immune system.

As an HIV health coach I will help you make some simple lifestyle changes that will support you on your journey.

Knowing your HIV status keeps you and your sexual partners safe.
So it’s important to get tested regularly.

From someone who’s been through an HIV diagnosis, I understand the complex mental and physical challenges it brings. Therefore, I am able to offer my insights, experiences and objective support that you may not be able to get from doctors, friends, or family.

Jamie x

Health Coaching, London

Sessions for in-person health coaching, London only, or via  Zoom worldwide.

I have found that five sessions are the minimum amount of time to work together, in order to see positive results. You can choose to meet weekly or fortnightly – this can be discussed in our discovery call.

What I Offer:

Diet and Lifestyle Assessment

Together we will explore your diet & lifestyle and look at ways to keep your immune system strong and healthy.
I offer holistic advice and alternative treatments or practices where appropriate.


Action Plan

I will create a manageable action plan for you, and each week we’ll add something to the list.

No drastic diets or unrealistic goals, just creating healthy habits that aim to play a permanent part in your new healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise & Fitness Plan

Together we will explore your current exercise habits and work out a fitness plan that suits your body type and goals.

You will also have access to my weekly online zoom yoga classes, or links to my YouTube content. 

Stress & Anxiety Management

We will assess your mental health and make suggestions on how to manage stress and anxiety.

Tools I use are: yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, breathwork, affirmations & guided visualizations, and more.

Accountability & Ongoing Support

Having a coach means you have someone to encourage you and hold you accountable to make wiser choices.
I will be there for you with any queries or concerns between our health coaching sessions and available via WhatsApp or email when you need guidance.

What Does An HIV Health Coach Do?

As an HIV health coach, Whether you are diagnosed early on and have begun antiretroviral treatment or you have an advanced HIV diagnosis a coach is there as a supportive mentor who partners with individuals to help guide and empower them to create lasting lifestyle changes, using personalized wellness plans that meet their unique needs.

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Health Coaching for HIV Related illnesses

  • Mental health issuesAlcohol, and drug use 
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and other STI’s
  • Tuberculosis
  • Opportunistic infections:
    -Salmonella infection—a bacterial infection that affects the intestines
    -Candidiasis (thrush)—a fungal infection of the mouth, bronchi, trachea, lungs, esophagus, or vagina
    -Toxoplasmosis—a parasitic infection that can affect the brain
  • HIV Related cancers
    -Kaposi sarcoma
    -Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)
    -Cervical cancer
Pay What You Can Afford

I never want to alienate anyone from working with me, that’s why my session fees are on a sliding scale, based on an individual’s annual income.
Please contact me for more details HERE

My session fees are on a sliding scale, based on an individual’s annual income.
This fee structure exists to help make coaching more affordable for people living on a lower income level.

Please take into account your wage from employment, savings, and all other sources of income.

All coaching sessions are 1 hour, apart from the initial consultation, which is 75 minutes.