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Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and overwhelmed with all the new information?

Do you feel like you are no longer in control of your life?

Are you worried about what the future holds?

These are all normal feelings to have when you hear the dreaded C word.

But you don’t have to struggle through this alone…

Diet and Nutrition

Together we will look at your diet and see how we can improve things for optimum nutrition and energy. Looking to make achievable and sustainable changes, that you can implement and continue to use after our sessions have finished. 

Mental Health Support

Assess your mental health and make suggestions on how to manage stress and anxiety.
Tools I use are; Yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, breathwork, affirmations & guided visualisations

Exercise Plan

Explore exercise options to suit you. Anything from gentle walking, gardening, swimming, yoga, Thai Chi, and much more. Research has shown that people with cancer that exercise have less fatigue, feel happier in themselves, and less likely to have periods of depression 


Side Effects From Treatment

We will look at any side effects from the cancer treatment you may be having and discuss ways to help combat them using various herbs, tools & techniques. 

Ongoing Support

I will be there for you with any queries or concerns between our health coaching sessions and available via whats app or email when you need guidance.

Learning To Integrate Cancer Into Ourselves

This can be a very difficult thing to do, excepting cancer for what it is.

When we realise it isn’t something outside of us but instead something that can teach us a lesson, we can begin to gain control.

If we develop hatred and anger towards the cancer we are in effect telling our bodies that we hate ourselves.

Instead of taking this attitude, we learn to see our cancer and ourselves with compassion and begin to develop a sense of loving-kindness.

“I am not a doctor and will never tell you to go against the advice of your health care professionals. However, what I do is offer the missing pieces to the wellness puzzle”

How Does a Cancer Coach Work?

STEP 1 – Book a free discovery call so you can learn more about me and ask any questions you might have. As well as me getting a better understanding of your needs and requirements.

STEP 2 – If you feel we are well-matched then you can book in for an initial session.
Sessions are available for in-person cancer coaching in Kent, London or via  Zoom worldwide.

STEP 3– Choose either 5 or 10 sessions and make payment before our next appointment.

I have found that five sessions are the minimum amount of time to work together, in order to see positive results. You can choose to meet weekly or fortnightly – this can be discussed in our discovery call.

As someone that has been through cancer, I am able to offer nutritional advice, emotional support, and give holistic suggestions. Helping you cope, whether going through cancer treatment, recovering from surgery, or just finding your way in your new body.

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Health Coaching for Carcinomas, Sarcomas, Leukemias, Lymphomas

Yoga For Cancer Patients

I am a qualified yoga teacher and I trained under Vicky Fox Yoga for cancer and am particularly interested in this sector of the population. I have had personal experience with cancer and found my regular yoga, breath-work, and meditation practice were essential tools for alleviating my symptoms. I’d now love to share what I have learned with others who are on a similar journey.

For those dealing with Cancer yoga helps with:


  • Stimulating the vagus nerve which can improve depression and anxiety, relieve’s inflammation, improve’s sleep & reduces stress
  • Building strength and mobility (particularly great post-surgery)
  • Encourages lymph flow around the body
  • May help reduce fatigue and nausea
  • Creating a safe space where you can share and feel connected to fellow yogi cancer survivors
yoga for cancer

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